About Us


Whateley Capital Investments

Whateley Capital Investments is an independent private investment company based in the UK.  We primarily operate in the Professional & Financial Services sector and acquire successful businesses in the lower-mid market.  We look for established and profitable companies with growth opportunities that we can add to our Investment portfolio. 


What’s Different About Us?

  • We have a genuine interest in the professional & financial services sector and are striving to build a successful portfolio of complementary businesses
  • We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes from micro start-ups to multi-nationals
  • We have a wealth of experience in business across many sectors and have been helping companies get to the next level of performance for over 20 years as consultants – now we want to use that experience to grow our own portfolio!
  • We are discreet, keep information shared with us in the strictest confidence and act with honesty and integrity
  • We act with empathy and respect, recognising that for you this is a very big deal
  • We treat every opportunity on an individual basis, recognising that everyone and every situation is different
  • As independent private investors we can make decisions quickly and act decisively – we don’t have shareholders to placate
  • As business owners ourselves we have admiration and respect for the achievements and success of others
  • We will take the time to get to know you and understand your personal circumstances and what you are trying to achieve 
  • For the right business we can build a deal that works for everyone


What We Are Not 

  • We are not a ‘We buy any Business’ type of company, we don’t try to buy any old business at a knock down price.  We prefer to pay a fair price for a good business in our chosen sector that we have carefully evaluated and know we can grow and develop to the next level
  • We are not judgmental – we know what it takes to start and run a business – in our careers we’ve gone through good times and bad, whilst we can’t pretend to know exactly how you feel we’ve probably been through something similar ourselves
  • We are not corporate investors – we don’t have a large board of directors or shareholders to satisfy, who are mostly interested in financial rewards and dividends.  This makes us more agile and able to make quick decisions
  • We are not asset strippers, we genuinely look to nurture and grow our businesses, just as you have done. 

Mark Whateley, CEO

Mark spent 30 years in the automotive industry before starting a business improvement consultancy in 2008.  Since then he has worked across a wide range of industry sectors in the UK, China, the Middle East and Africa and helped businesses of all sizes to get to the next level.  Mark is a change and improvement consultant, coach and mentor and with over 40 years experience he knows a thing or two about business and has now turned his attention to a new challenge, building a portfolio of successful businesses in the Professional & Financial Services sector.




Diane Whateley, Director

Diane had a career in the Civil Service before starting a family.  When returning to work she explored a few different careers before settling on teaching at a local college.  She retired in 2010 and joined the consulting business as company secretary and training specialist.


Our Professional Team

Our professional team comes from our network of industry professionals that have a history of working together to achieve results.  Our deal team includes finance, tax, legal, HR, commercial, and specialist due diligence practitioners. 

The post investment team covers quality, asset finance, health & safety, business improvement and sector specialists.