Our Investment Strategy


Whateley Capital’s investment strategy is in three overlapping phases.  Currently in our startup phase we are initially looking to acquire businesses in the lower mid-market professional & financial services industry.  Typically, these businesses will have been trading successfully for five years or more, have a turnover between £0.5M and £5M and are profitable – other criteria will apply.  As we move deeper into phase one we will be looking at larger businesses and a broader range of companies within the sector.

Our strategy will evolve over time but broadly speaking, phase one is about establishing our brand and our foundation portfolio.  Phase two is about growth and diversifying the portfolio to manage risk, and taking a more speculative approach to our investments.  Phase three will see us establishing venture funds and opening our platform up to 3rd party investors.


Phase One – Establish

From launch, we are going to invest in successful lower mid-market professional & financial services companies based in the UK in order to grow a foundation portfolio of around a dozen businesses.  Because so many businesses fail in the first few years, in phase one we will only consider investments where there is at least five year’s trading history, where the turnover is in the range of £0.5M-£25M, and the company is profitable – other criteria will apply.  Our primary focus within the sector is on Consultancies, Accountants, Solicitors and Recruiters but we will consider other investments in the sector that meet our investment criteria. 

Our Sector Strategy

The primary focus of Whateley Capital Investments during the current investment phase is professional & financial services companies.  We consider this to generally be a lower risk sector and it is one that we have experience in.


Professional & Financial Services Sector

The Professional and financial services sector covers a broad range of LLC and LLP businesses that provide a wide range professional & financial services in the UK.  Typically, these businesses provide services for which you need to be professionally qualified, or qualified by experience.

Typical companies in the sector include; Consultants, Accountants, Solicitors, Chartered Surveyors, Architects, Recruitment Agencies, Marketers, Investment & Mortgage Advisers, Finance Brokers, Insolvency Practitioners, Nursery Schools, Training Centres, and Private Medical Practitioners – Opticians, Clinics, Chiropractors, Dentists and Vets.